Moe’s Southwestern Grill

Posted: August 9, 2011 in Tip Jar Police
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Moe’s is a good place to get a quick fix to quench your appetite for Mexican food. Whether you want a quesadilla, taco, or burrito, each option is fairly priced. They have plenty of ingredients to add to your meal as well.  Not every location but most have a wheat tortilla option now for those who are trying to eat as healthy as possible. The service is quick all the way down until you get to the cash register.

Like so many establishments now, a tip jar of some sort greets you as you pay for your meal. Moe’s decided to put a twist on the tip jar and has placed a gas container next to the register with a sign on it saying “Gas money for the crew.” Not trying to be insensitive but carpool if it’s that big of an issue. Gas is expensive for anyone and we are already paying for the food. I’m not paying to help you get to work. Take the bus if it’s that big of a problem. You don’t deserve a tip for putting meat on a tortilla. You don’t deserve it for adding cheese and lettuce either.

I have no problem going behind the counter and fixing my food myself if it’s so hard and you feel you need a tip. Love the food, but please LOSE THE GAS CONTAINER.  Don’t you agree?

  1. 2hot2touch says:

    Man, I love the queso but never but money in there unless it’s pennies…I used gas money to get there!

  2. 334 says:

    Not only the gas money jar, but I find a little devious when you pay with a credit card/debt they have a Tip___________. line, thus they are trying to mislead their paying patrons into leaving a tip. Unless your coming in with a large order or if they are really really busy and do something extra special ill maybe leave a tip. Everyone that works there is paid atleast min.wage, not servers wage. Aside from certain circumstances I don’t see the point in tipping someone for doing their job. My money is tight as it is.

    • 2hot2touch says:

      I agree with 334….why tip someone to do their job? SMH this tipping is gone too far. I think I have been too generous with tips, because of the pressue to tip. The jars, the extra tip line, etc. I need to watch the money I am throwing away on this non-sense and tip myself sometimes!!!

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