Smoothie King

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Tip Jar Police
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Now we love smoothies and Smoothie King is by far our favorite place to drink one.  We have tried really hard to think about the difficulties of making a smoothie but can’t seem to find any hardships with this job. That’s why when we come into Smoothie King and see a tip jar we are confused. What exactly are we tipping for? Are we tipping for putting ice and fruit in a blender? Or are we tipping for pouring the liquid into a cup?

Your not going above and beyond the call of duty at Smoothie King so what is the tip for? Have any of you ever tipped a Smoothie King employee and if so why?

  1. I recently got a job at smoothie king, and the tip box thing really surprised me. The work, just like any restaurant work, it is really hard. Not only do we make your customized smoothie, we have to wash up the blending bowl each time after we used it. We have to make sure the ice box, powders, and fruits are full at all time and clean up everything by the end of the day. There are times when we have nothing to do but wait for customers, but when customers start coming, it came in bulk. The work became hectic and we are sorry to keep our customers waiting for their drinks.

    I would say if there’s tips in the tip box it’d keep me motivated to work hard, but if there’s no tip, I’ll still offer good customer services in hope that some people would tip us later on. Anyway I heard from my co-worker that some ppl passing by the counter actually steal tips if we put the tip box too far out. So we kept it close to the register, but that way less customers notice its existence. 😦

    One day I got $12 tip (and that is after splitting with another worker). I believe it could be ppl were more generous on that day. Also two customers came after we closed but we still offered to let them purchase, so one gave us $2 and the other gave us $5. I hope this happens all the time.

    On our tip box it has a sign reads, “Tip for good service only”, so next time when you go to smoothie king, if you received good service and your drink was delivered correctly, please leave your change as an appreciation for those part-time workers. After all we only get paid minimum wage and your tips do matters alot to us. Hope this help you understand why there’s a tip box. ^^

    • Henry says:

      Wait! Let us all get this straight. We suppose to tip because you perform the job duties you were hired for? That sounds stupid. Now people should not steal your tips, that’s wrong. Bottom line is though, you didn’t deserve to be tipped anyway. Making sure fruits, ice box, and powder are full at all times, so what. That is your job. If your not motivated to work without a tip, then quit and go work at a restaurant.

  2. Kish909 says:

    Yeah, tipping for Outstanding service should be the norm. Tipping just cause you made a smoothie is not the way it works. Should I tip the lady at Kroger for ringing up my grocery? Yeah, she only makes minimum wage and I’m sure it could be a hard job, but where is the tipping line drawn? I anwwer the phone in customer service, should I be tipped everytime I answer the phone? I only make a little bit above minimum wage, why should I be pressured to tip when I bareley make anything to tip with?

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