Great customer service seems to be a thing of the past for most companies. Most companies in today’s society seem to prefer mediocre service over outstanding customer service because they know people will continue to pay regardless of how they treat them. The attitude of management is definitely trickling down to the workers, as most workers are looking for higher tips while providing increasingly bad service. Many want tips for doing the job duties that are required of them in the first place.

How many of you are you sick of seeing tip jars at drive thru windows? How about tip jars by the cashier whose only job is to press a button on the register and take your money? Really a tip for that? We never mind tipping for great service but tipping has gotten completely out of hand. People expect tips for doing absolutely nothing. Well we are taking a stand and we want you to stand with us. Let’s put the spotlight on establishments and people who want to get paid extra for doing the minimum amount of work, sometimes less than minimum. Matter of fact, tip us for even starting this movement.

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