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Hibachi Grill

3565 Austell Rd SW

Marietta, GA 3000

This Hibachi Grill is similar to most traditional Asian buffets except that they don’t serve crab legs. They do have blue crab, and while they are good, they just don’t offer as much meat as the snow crab legs. They also have a hibachi grill section where you can select your meat and ingredients to be cooked on the grill. The hibachi (Chef) had a tip jar by his station.  Now why would we tip you for doing your job? We paid to get in already and you’re not waiting on us.  Overall the food was decent and price was fair ($9.99 per person), but the service we received from our waitress was horrible. This has to be one of the worst waitresses a customer can come across.

Normally at buffets, your plates are removed from your table but this particular waitress let them continue to stack up and sometimes came over and just took away a plate or two. We were brought water to start off our meal and unfortunately that was the last time she came by to even inquire about our drink. We continually placed our glasses to the edge of the table so when she was walking by she could clearly see our drinks were empty. The place was not busy at this time so she only had one other table.  She seemed to go out of her way to avoid looking in our direction.

At the end of the meal we were so thirsty that we literally stood up and walked over to the back area and asked for a refill of our water. She was clearly embarrassed and filled our glasses with water. Afterwards she came to the table with our check and had the biggest smile on her face. She asked if everything was OK and if we enjoyed ourselves. We were thinking, who is this person?  Clearly she was working for a tip. Too bad she was horrible for the first 99% of our time in her section.

In our opinion, servers at buffets barely deserve a tip as it is, so we at least expect them to be polite. I would gladly take away my own plates and fill my own drink if I could.  Do you feel that servers at buffets deserve to be tipped? Why or why not?

Moe’s is a good place to get a quick fix to quench your appetite for Mexican food. Whether you want a quesadilla, taco, or burrito, each option is fairly priced. They have plenty of ingredients to add to your meal as well.  Not every location but most have a wheat tortilla option now for those who are trying to eat as healthy as possible. The service is quick all the way down until you get to the cash register.

Like so many establishments now, a tip jar of some sort greets you as you pay for your meal. Moe’s decided to put a twist on the tip jar and has placed a gas container next to the register with a sign on it saying “Gas money for the crew.” Not trying to be insensitive but carpool if it’s that big of an issue. Gas is expensive for anyone and we are already paying for the food. I’m not paying to help you get to work. Take the bus if it’s that big of a problem. You don’t deserve a tip for putting meat on a tortilla. You don’t deserve it for adding cheese and lettuce either.

I have no problem going behind the counter and fixing my food myself if it’s so hard and you feel you need a tip. Love the food, but please LOSE THE GAS CONTAINER.  Don’t you agree?